Sarz And Obongjayar Soundtrack Love And Lust On Four-Track EP ‘Sweetness’

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Famous for his innovative production and composition work for the likes of Wizkid, Sarz remains a key player in celebrated cross-cultural projects. In recent times, he has redefined his artistry by way of collaborative EPs with Wurld and Lojay, but it was upon meeting UK-based artist, Obongjayar in London last year that the duo set out to create something outside of their respective comfort zones on the four-track Sweetness.

Having previously released two EP’s and collaborated with the likes of Giggs, Obongjayar helped elevate Sarz’s production with his seductive lyricism that journals the various stages of falling in love and establishing a relationship.

While Sarz and Obongjayar have roots grounded in the expansive and nuanced musical legacy of Nigeria, they’ve managed to transcend its borders to create a genre-bending EP that sees SARZ’s breezy production and Obongjayar sultry vocals complement each other to a T, both structurally and melodically. From the acoustic rain of emotions that is the opener and titular, Sweetness, to the grooviness of Gone Girl and the 90s Pop and Afrobeat percussion templates that influences, closers, If You Say and Nobody, the duo dance on an unexpected range that sparks emotions shifting from surprise to sensual delight.

On Sweetness, Sarz and Obongjayar create a truly unique body of work that side-steps the many labels that have been used to describe the music they previously made, leaning heavily on the evolution that has characterized many brands in the industry in recent times.

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