Senegal’s Samba Peuzzi teams up with Rema for ‘Mercedes’

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Award-winning Senegalese singer/songwriter, Samba Peuzzi has teamed up with Nigerian rock star, Rema for his first single of the year, Mercedes. A single that hears the duo proclaim their adoration for the ladies in their life.

The Senegal Boy Samba Peuzzi is no stranger to making hits, having accumulated over forty-one million views on YouTube alone, and his latest offering is set to be no different. Mercedes is another eurythmic love anthem with an infectious hook that is complimented by Rema’s familiar tones. Mercedes is set to be a firm favourite on playlists and dance-floors across the diaspora and continent, signalling to a forthcoming EP due in 2023.

Samba Peuzzi has been flying the flag for Senegal and is about to take his unique style and sound global. Having already amassed over 2.4m followers across social platforms. His ability to connect with fans across the globe, singing in both French and English, has seen Samba perform across Senegal and gain over thirty million streams on his debut album ‘Senegal Boy’.

Watch Samba Peuzzi and Rema in the music video for ‘Mercedes’


Samba Peuzzi and Buvision

At the end of ‘22, Samba joined forces and signed to BuVision, founded by CEO Abou “Bu” Thiam, who is also from Senegal, in a joint venture with Reptyle Music, One God and G Production.

Bu Thiam is the former manager of Kanye West and Chris Brown and discovered 2x Grammy winner and pioneer of AutoTune, T-pain.

“After working with major artists like Kanye West, Jay Z and Rihanna, I felt like it was time to focus on the biggest music genre taking over the world, Afro beats. It is a honor to contribute to this genre by signing my brother Samba Peuzzi, who is also from my hometown, Senegal. And funny enough, Samba’s music, which incorporates a lot of African percussion, reminds me of my dad, Mor Thiam, who was one of the biggest drummers in the world, so this is full circle for me.” – Bu


About Samba Peuzzi

From his real name Samba TINE, Samba Peuzzi was born and raised in Diacksao (Dakar suburb). He began his career as a Rapper in 2013 at the age of 17 with the label REP’TYLE MUSIC and he stood out very quickly for his style, his way of speaking, his sense of style, and his lyrics that were both simple and full of meaning, which has come to be his trademark.

Samba Peuzzi is also called BOY GHETTO to affirm his pride in being a young man from the suburbs. According to him, being from the suburbs shouldn’t be a barrier, on the contrary, it is rather a source of motivation. It is in this sense that he released a series of videos called FROM DIACK (from Diacksao) to highlight his Diacksao district. These series of videos allowed Boy Ghetto to earn the respect of his peers and a place amongst the most promising talents in rap or even more so in Senegalese music.

In 2016, he was a finalist of the FLOW UP which is the biggest rap competition in Senegal. In 2017, after the release of the album “221” in collaboration with Dip Doundou Guiss,Bm Jaay, Kanizy and Dope Boy, Samba Peuzzi stood out with the videos “Keuleum” and “Volé”. In 2019, Samba Peuzzi consolidated his place in the game and seduced the public of Senegalese music through his project “Yolé Deff Sa Poche”which is a series of five videos, the most popular of which are ‘Marie & Cheikh” which recorded more than eight million views on YouTube and “Sagnsé” with more than three million views on YouTube. In 2020, he released his first album “SENEGAL BOY”, which has more than 30 million streams across platforms.

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