Sensei Lo’s ‘Waiting’ Is Atmospheric Dance Music Goodness

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There are many things special about Sensei Lo, her elite remixes, including the much-revered upbeat remix of C.A.C Women’s Choir evergreen Odun Nlo Sopin, her uniqueness, and the revolutionary nature of her artistry, but most notable is her sound dexterity which serves as the foundation for her intoxicating EDM remixes. In the alternative music sphere, she’s a force to reckon and her latest, Waiting is yet another proof of her excellence.

On Waiting, the eclectic artist amasses her wealth of influences to create a piece that’s both earthy and spacey resulting in the foundation of an atmospheric ambiance that can play host to the farthest of mind-altering scenarios. At the two-minute-mark, she switches up her sound, showing off a range that’s just as impressive as the single’s swirling, stimulating clump of snares, synths, and guitars among others.


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