A sequence has been discovered with Yemi Alade’s new video, Single and Searching

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With high hopes (that were dashed) for the release of her third studio album, Black Magic, we’ve had to settle for conciliate releases. Yemi Alade, has over the past week released, Single & Searching featuring Falz and Heart Robber. Just today, the video for the former dropped.

The video features Yemi Alade, Falz and Maraji in a very animated story of a guy claiming not to be married in the open, being flamboyant with his spending, while leaving his starving family at home. The production is apparently brilliant, except one. major. flaw. It is the kind of flaw you would not expect from a powerhouse like Capital Dreams, which ironically appears in the same frame as the oversight. It really is sad. It is a member of the production crew in a full length mirror. *sigh*

Asides the heart-wrenching discovery, the video is (for lack of a better word)… expected. It is typical Yemi. A comical beginning, music drops, a bombardment of choreography juxtaposed with a glamorous version of herself, and (you guessed it), The End. You don’t believe me? Watch both videos below (and almost all her other videos) and see if you could tell the difference.

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