Serving Non-Conventional Looks Off The Runway: How the Stylish Men of Heineken Lagos Fashion Week Pulled Up

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Arc wall with 'Welcome to Lagos Fashion Week' written on it


One thing about Nigerians, regardless of the spaces they find themselves in, the main character energy goes hard. After months of anticipation, and preparation for many, the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week kicked off in grand style on Wednesday, October 26th of October. While the main showcase was happening on the runway, best believe that attendees from all over Lagos, and beyond, also served major looks that could give the showcasing brands a run for their money.

The men of Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2022 certainly came through with all the energy. Gone are the days when men’s fashion was predictable, and had the same cuts and styles. Male fashion designers and enthusiasts are now having fun with fabrics, themed outfits, accessories et al, and we are here for it.

These are some of our favorite, most stylish male attendees and a couple of them spoke to us about what inspired their looks.


Picture of a man with his long braids packed in a half ponytail, wearing a brown and nude toned layered two piece


My style is mostly influenced by comfort, I need to be comfortable. So, my look usually has a lot of layers, pockets, and fabrics that drape and sit easily on my body. There are some film influences on the outfit I have on; a little bit of Dunes, and a little bit of the Jedis from Star wars, I took what I liked and blended them into my own look.



Picture of a tall, dark-skinned man in his twenties wearing a black cape with silver details at the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2022

The core of my style and my looks really lies in comfort. When I’m styling myself, I want to be comfortable, I want to be stylish and still have ease in the spaces I’ll be navigating. And while I love looking amazing, it’s also important what my outfits are saying, fashion is way for me to have subtle conversations about the things that matter to me.

So yeah, I don’t just want my outfit to get people to look at me, I want them to also listen to me.



Man with bleached hair wearing a off shoulder pink suit with fur details around his shoulders and ankles at the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2022

Well, I’m a model, law student and I also have my own fashion brand. My sense of style is very street fashion, but not just restricted to Nigeria. I’m inspired by the street style of places I’ve never even been to. While street fashion is one of my heaviest influences, it’s not the only one. I love sensual pieces and looks, and that’s what I’m trying to show with the fur and cut on my outfit. Honestly, it’s hard to fully describe my style because I’m a niche of my own, there’s no one like me.



Picture of a tall, bald man wearing a black turtleneck with oval shaped cut out at the back, black pants, black belt with silver and gold details, black shades with silver details, a pearl earring with gold detail, and a black shoulder bag with fur

My sense of style is definitely not in a box! This outfit is my look for today, understated but elegant. The clothes I have on, my shades, my bag, my belt, and my jewelry were not randomly thrown together, style does not have to be over the top for it to make a statement.

And I love to accessorize. Accessories really do elevate outfits and styles in general. Even the most basic get-up can take on a new of its own with the right accessories.




Photos by Victor Adewale.


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