Sex Diaries Vol 11: How a 21-year old model earned the nickname Juicy J after squirting for the first time

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Jane is a 21-year old Nigerian wannabe model living in Lagos. Her attempt to break into the modelling industry leads her to Anthony who makes her squirt over and over until she gets nicknamed Juicy J. For context, squirting, also known as female ejaculation, is a watery fluid expelled during sexual stimulation or orgasm. It’s usually colourless and odourless. She shares details of the steamy encounter in this week’s sex diaries:

Day 1

I accompany my friend to audition at a beauty contest in Victoria Island to be her moral support. There, I meet Anthony, one of the organizers of the event. He is tall, really fine, sexy voice, awesome smell ugh! We get talking and I immediately notice his incredible aura. We click well. He takes me to his friend’s office for me to relax and we start playing video games while I wait for my friend to be done with her audition. Once we are done playing, he orders food for us as we discuss different topics. It’s late and raining by the time my friend finishes her audition. While my friend is ordering a ride, Anthony approaches me asking for my number and of course, I give him.

Day 2

Anthony and I go on a date to a cool restaurant on the Island. I think we like each other but I am trying not to rush things especially since I just broke up with my ex. But I have to admit that I am enjoying the vibe. Not wanting our date to be over, I tell him that I have always wanted to experience the nightlife in Lagos hoping he will get the hint and prolong our time together. He picks up what I am putting out and tells me he is going to make it happen the next day, adding that he plans to get a hotel room for me so I don’t have to worry about going back to the mainland.

Day 3

I wake up excited for my mini getaway and the fact that Anthony has already booked a night at a hotel. I quickly pick the outfits I want to wear, grab my suitcase and pack what I need for the night. I relax on my bed for a bit, chat with Anthony before taking a shower and getting dressed. I meet Anthony and we go see a movie, Bad boys 2. After that, we go to two clubs. By this time, I am intoxicated and ready to get loose #living my best single life. 

Day 4

After the second club, we get into the car and we start making out. I kiss him multiple times as we drive home. I do silly things when I am tipsy so I look at this guy and said to myself, “let’s do this, I like this guy”. I start caressing him while he is driving on our way to the hotel. I touch and grab his dick. He was wearing his joggers which made it easy for me. He stops the car and asks what I am doing. I tell him to keep driving, saying “I want to feel your dick”. I can see the surprise on his face since we hadn’t talked about having sex yet but he continues driving and I carry on with the hand job. After a while, I decide to go for a blow job while he is still driving. He tries to stop me but I push his hand and tell him to focus on the road. I think the long island had a lot to do with my state at that time. I had lots of alcohol and I felt good. He starts speeding during the blow job saying, “Don’t stop” “Don’t stop” but the minute I feel he is about to cum I stop, clean my mouth and tell him we were done for the night. For some reason, I start feeling shy when we get to the hotel. I shower and get into bed. He showers next. I start feeling horny again while he is bathing so I open the shower door and join him in the bathroom. We start making out and I go down on him to continue what I started. I suck his dick before pulling him out of the bathroom to the bedroom. I sit on the chair and he gives me awesome head. He eats me out real good that I don’t feel the need to hold back my squirt. He takes it all in his mouth which makes me horny again. So, I take him to the bed, bend over and he starts fucking me from behind. We switch positions and I get on top, riding him slowly. As I ride him, I kept squirting over and over and over and he keeps saying “you are so juicy”, “this is so awesome”, “your pussy feels so good”. Anthony has this energy that I like. He pulls me to sit on his face and tells me, “I enjoy eating your pussy” and “Your juice feels so healthy”. I guess the pineapples I had been eating really came through. I come, squirting in his face this time to which he says “fuck”. I ride him again in reverse cowgirl position until he finally comes. 

Day 4

We are getting ready to leave when he starts calling me “Juicy J” and that’s how I got my pet name. He would do say it in the presence of his colleagues and it was crazy. One of his colleagues started calling me Juicy J, which felt weird since he doesn’t know the back story. What started as a private affair turned into my nickname and sometimes he still says he misses my juice.

This article is based on real-life events. Names used are mere pseudonyms to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in the report.

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