Sex Diaries Vol. 14: How A 24-Year-Old Guy’s Boring Birthday Ended With The Best Sex Of His life

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Meet Iretomiwa, the 24-year-old Lagos bad boy who has had a long list of boring birthdays until now. What should have been yet another boring birthday for him quickly turns around when a special someone decides to give him a very sexy gift. In this week’s sex diaries, Iretomiwa narrates what he describes as his best sexual experience ever: 

Day 1

The 9th of July is here again which means my birthday (the 10th) is almost here. I bite back a sigh as I think about previous birthdays. For four consecutive years now, my birth anniversaries have been nothing to write home about. They all pass off like every other regular day and I knew this one wasn’t about to be any different. It wasn’t exactly a big deal for me but this year, I just wanted something interesting to happen, I was tired of being bored.

Day 2 (Birthday)

My ‘big’ day is finally here. Well, to be honest, it isn’t big at all as it already feels like every other normal day. Some of my female friends have managed to coerce me out of sulking so I loosen up a bit and decide to have a couple of drinks with them. The day goes by pretty quickly and before I know it one of my friends comes around and it’s evening already. As a faculty exco, I don’t find it weird when he asks me to go with him to the excos office. In fact, I jump at the chance since I am bored and tired of staying at home on my birthday. As soon as we open the door and step into the office, I am literally taken back by the sudden eruption of “Happy Birthday, Tomiwa!” I am still recovering from the shock when I see a slide show with different videos of me playing!


There is also a video of everyone wishing me a happy birthday. Turns out all my friends were in on the idea even my girlfriend. This makes me so happy since I never saw any of this coming. There are drinks all over the place,  cakes and gifts too that I didn’t have to spend money on. It is all truly an incredible surprise. My babe is the last to play her video and afterwards, she whispers, “we’ll see behind camera” to me. At this very moment, I feel myself go rock hard and all I am thinking is how I plan to fuck the living daylight out of her.

The Silky Present

When the mini party is over, my babe is nowhere to be found so I head back to the office. It’s really dark when I get to the office so I reach for the light switch. I turn it on to find a silky present waiting for me. I can not believe my eyes. There she is, standing in a sexy red dress made out of sheer silk. I quickly turn around to lock the office door, eager to take the beautiful sight right in front of me in. I turn back to her and she has an impish look on her face that clearly says, ‘come and get me’. I immediately go to her because who wouldn’t want to take the wrap off of a silky present like this? I walk over to her and push her to a bench running a finger down the dress. So silky, so slippery, wooshhhh. She sits looking dangerously sexy. She wants to be devoured and I can’t wait to give her what she wants.

Birthday Sex In The Office

She tugs my shirt and I fall on her, planting a kiss on her lips. She responds with the same energy which spurs me on. A fervent hunger kicks in as we quickly rip each other’s clothes off. Her lovely breasts are staring back at me, standing still and ready, her shape curving out perfectly at the hip. I waste no time in grabbing her by her tiny waist and planting a kiss on those breasts. I push her to a table, spread her out and give her a cleaning. My tongue flickers across her whole body driving her crazy. She gives my hands a tiny bite each time they find their way into her mouth. I slowly slide down to her pussy and oh my, it’s fucking wet, dripping and completely ready for me. I slowly guide my tongue into it, sucking the wetness out. She comes twice before I stop and quickly move her over to my dick with her knees bent and her head up guiding her to my eager cock. Rock hard, ready for her opening ceremony, I push her again on the table and slide slowly into her. She moans loudly but I don’t care. I thrust into her with deep and shallow strokes then I go at it slow and fast for almost two hours straight. While going at it, we try about six different sex positions. She sits on my cock, I turn the table back to fuck her in a doggy position, I fuck her while standing, I bend her on her knees and fuck her on the chair too. I am starting to feel her walls shrink and I know she is almost there again so I start to slow down my strokes. I need her to yearn for it badly. When the contraction has reduced, I ram hard again until I feel it again. I know instantly that this was the time. I increase my stride with every stroke harder than the previous. Unable to hold back her ecstasy, she bursts out yelling and shaking. I nut too, all over her wet, slippery skin. Thank God the AC is working even though we only realise this once we are done.  

*This article is based on real-life events. Names used are mere pseudonyms to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in the article.

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