Sex Diaries Vol. 22: From Strangers To Lovers In One Day

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Coming home from work, Esther is stopped by a stranger; a guy from her estate who has been trying and failing to get her attention until now. They talk, exchange numbers and go their separate ways until they meet again at night and end up in bed. She shares her unique experience in this week’s Sex Diaries entry:

5 Pm

Like clockwork, I get off the bus, put on my headphones and enter my estate, ready to stroll to my house. I have barely made it past the gate when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn to see the stuff of dreams; a tall, dark, and handsome dude smiling down at me. I remove my headphones to hear him say, “Hi, my name is Jack, I am so glad I got your attention today before you walked away.” Seeing my puzzled look, he quickly explains how he has seen me a couple of times within the estate but has never been able to get me to notice him because I am always with my headphones. From any other person, this would have seemed creepy but from him, it sounded cute so i smiled. I offer my name, we talk for a minute before he offers to walk me home so I don’t have to stand for too long since I just got back from work. We walk down to my place gisting and flirting like we hadn’t just met a few minutes ago. On one hand, I recognise the fact that this guy is a stranger and this should be creepy but somehow it’s not. We get to my place and I say, “Thank you for walking me home.” As the charming, sharp guy that he is, he asks for my number and I find myself giving it to him. We exchange numbers and I go in, thinking that’s the last time I would see or hear from him.

9 Pm

Around 6 pm, I start to get warm and feverish. At first, I think it’s just the stress from a busy week at work but it quickly gets worse. By 8, I am a mess, shivering under the covers as I try to call my friends who live close by to help me get malaria meds. Unfortunately, for me, all my friends are busy and nowhere close to my house. By this point, I am too weak to get out of bed and in need of drugs to get rid of the chills and migraine. Desperate to get help, I remember the handsome guy with kind eyes who has been trying to chat with me on WhatsApp since we met each other a few hours ago. For a second, it occurs to me that this is weird but I am too sick to care at this point so I call him. “Hi Jack, I need your help,” I say faintly as soon as he picks up. “What’s wrong?” he asks in a worried tone. “Can you please come over,” I ask? To which he says, “Don’t worry, I am on my way.” In less than 10 minutes, he is at my door. I manage to get to the door and open it for him. He grabs me in his strong arms as I struggle to stand asking, “What wrong?” I tell him how I feel being ill for a while and how it finally wrecked me tonight. “What can I do?” he quickly says and I tell him that I need his help getting meds and food since I was too weak to do it myself. “No problem, I am on it,” he says as he sprints out of the house. Thankfully, we have a pharmacy close by and an eatery around the estate so he is back around 9. By 10 pm, I have eaten, taken my drugs and started to feel better. At this point, he is on the chair across the room with me still under the covers and we are gisting and laughing like old friends. By 11, I am starting to feel the sexual chemistry in the room as it hits me that I am in the room with a hot, kind guy I just met a few hours ago. I think he realises at this same time because we are both quiet. In an attempt to get over the awkward silence and cut through the sexual tension, I say, “Thank you so much for today. You are my hero but I don’t want to keep you any longer than I have. Are you sure you don’t want to start heading home before it’s too late?” The words are barely out of my mouth before he says, “No, I don’t want to go. I am enjoying your company too much.” He goes on about how he has been thinking of me since he started seeing me within the estate, the numerous failed attempts to get attention and how glad he was to get my call because he was stuck at home thinking about me. I surprise myself as I hear myself saying, “Okay, you can stay.” I know this sounds weird but something about this guy just felt right. Seeing how uncomfortable his long frame looked in the chair, I ask, “Why don’t you come to bed?” Jack responds with a question. “Are you sure?” he asks. “Yes, I am,” I say. He joins me in bed and we continue chatting with an undercurrent of sexual tension humming between us. A few minutes later, he asks, “Can I kiss you?” I respond by going in for a kiss that quickly becomes passionate with us french kissing the hell out of each other. Breathless, I say, “Take your shirt off. I want to see you.” Surprised yet pleased, he eagerly takes off his shirt exposing a toned chest with equally toned arms – my weakness. Barely registering the migraine in the back of my head, i sit up and straddle him as I continue kissing him and touching him all over the upper body. By this time, I am seriously turned on and ready to go. I can tell he is on the same page because I go down the body until I feel his partner downstairs begging to get out of his clothes. “Do you have a condom?” I whisper in his ears as I kiss and gently bite his earlobes. He nods eagerly as he gestures for me to get off him. I respond by getting off and slowly removing my clothes. I can see him watching as he searches for his condom while taking off his pants and briefs. He rolls on his condom in record time and gets back to bed as we pick thins up from where we stopped. He moans as I grab him and slowly puts him inside me. “Fuck,” he says as he takes over, pounding into me with everything he’s got. “Faster,” I beg, encouraging him to go deeper which turns him on even more. Before I know what’s happening, he flips me over and slows down as he starts making the most agonising circular motions inside of me. “Fuck I’m about to cum”, I say breathlessly. “Me too,” he says. With his moans driving me over the edge, I experience one of the most intense organisms I have ever had as my legs give way and I fall on my tummy with him on my side still inside me. Eventually, we both calm down enough for him to stand up remove his condom, wear his briefs and bring some water to clean me up. Wiped down and back in my favourite big T-shirt, I snuggle beside him and pass out with a smile on my face.

*This article is based on real-life events. The names used are mere pseudonyms to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in the article.

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