Sex Diaries Vol. 24: A 22-Year Old Student Shares Her First Foursome Experience

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Sandra is a 22-year-old student who lives with her parents in Johannesburg, South Africa. While relishing the gap year she took from school to become a lash technician, Sandra found herself in a foursome with her boyfriend Ken, his friend Nonso and her cousin, Chidinma. Here’s how the erotic encounter went down. 


I live with my cousin Chidinma who recently moved from Nigeria to Johannesburg, South Africa. My mum has a shop where she cooks food and sells Nigerian food items, and Ken and his friend Nonso are her frequent customers. On a particular day, while she was away, I stood in for her, and Nonso and Ken came in to buy stuff as usual. As soon as they approached me, Ken started blushing. I asked why he blushed and he said I am the reason. I can’t lie, he is good-looking so I blushed again. Seeing as I am alone in the shop, Ken and Nonso used the opportunity to talk to me a bit more. We all chilled at the shop trying to get to know each other and from the conversations, he seemed like my type. In the evening, before Ken and Nonso left, Ken asked for my number and I gave it to him. Since then we chatted and he would stop by my mum’s shop to patronize her as usual or talk to me. Two months after talking, he made it official and since then, we met more often. Sometimes he would pick me up from my house and take me out and because he lives with his parents, when we want to spend time together, we meet at a guest house.


Ken texts me in the morning asking to meet at a guest house. I agreed and asked my cousin who has not been out in weeks if she would like to come along, and she accepted. I tell Ken I would be bringing one more person, he is fine with that. Chidinma and I had breakfast, showered, got dressed, and did our makeup. This time, Ken wasn’t coming to pick us up so I drove to the guest house we were supposed to meet at. Ken was there by the time we arrived. He came out and took us to the room where he ordered food and drinks for us. I lay on the bed cuddled up with Ken while Chidinma sat on a bean bag just across from us. While we were all relaxing and talking, Nonso showed up. He came into the room, joined Ken and I on the bed and we picked up our discussion where we left off. The conversation was going smoothly until Ken started kissing and caressing me here and there. I became horny and I knew the next attempt he would make, we would get naked. Ken kisses me again but longer and squeezes my right boob while at it. I caressed him and ran my fingers down all the way to his dick. Next thing, he is unbuckling his pants so I could grab his dick and suck him off. He takes off my top and I take off my bra just before devouring his dick. While I sucked his dick, I noticed his friend Nonso was also hard. He was stroking his dick print while watching Ken and me. He eventually pulled down his pants to reveal his dick and called Chidima to join in. Chidinma got on the bed and started off with a handjob before taking off her clothes. I stopped sucking Ken’s dick so he could eat my pussy. I laid down on the bed and he put his face between my thighs, pulling on my clitoris and sucking on my juices. I kept moaning and placed my palm behind his head so he could suffocate between my thick thighs. While eating me up, he finger fucked me and it felt good. He stopped eating my pussy, leaned up, and brought his waist closer so he could fuck me. He thrusts in my pussy slowly and I bet he could feel all the wetness. While he slowly plunged his dick into my pussy, I could hear Nonso moaning as Chidinma rode his dick. She rode slowly and increased the pace before bouncing on the dick while their fingers interlocked. After riding for a good 5 minutes, they switched to the dougie-style position. He went in slowly before leaning to grab her big titties. Ken and I stop fucking, he goes towards Chidinma and attempts to put his dick in her mouth. At first, she was unwilling to do it because she is family but I gave her the go-ahead. She sucked him a little bit before we switched partners. Nonso and I were in the cowgirl position while Ken picked up from where Nonso left with Chidinma. We continued fucking before switching partners back again. I was back with my man and I gave him an amazing blow job. I sucked him off, held his balls in my mouth, and licked his thighs until he finally came into my mouth. Not long after Ken came, Nonso lifted Chidinma and pinned her against a wall, fucked her until he came in her. It was a very intense day for us all and we moaned out loud without caring about who was next door. After we were done, we showered, ate, talked a little and went home.


*This article is based on real-life events. The names used are mere pseudonyms to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in the article.

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