Sharon Ojong’s New Fashion Film ‘Children Of God’ Celebrates Diversity And Inclusion

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Nigerian designer and celebrity stylist Sharon Ojong started Rekana, a Nigerian-based fashion company in 2018. So far, the company has released three collections with a new one on the way. To launch this latest line, the brand is putting out a fashion film titled Children of God.

Inspired by real people, real stories, and real clothing, the 12-minute flick follows a distressed afro-modern man running away from his past as well as a diverse group of church members unified in their quest for a common good. Children of God is directed by AMVCA-nominated filmmaker, Uche Odoh. Charles Okah, fashion model Bertha Amuga, Shalewa Ashafa, Kemi Smallz, Munachi Abii and Ijeoma Aniebo are some of the names attached to the project shot in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sharon, Rekana’s Creative Director, Executive Producer and Costume Designer, says, Children of God is inspired by;

“love, passion and inclusion. We wanted to create a collection inspired by real people with real stories, clothings made with eco-friendly hand-woven and hand dyed fabrics made with low impact materials for our tie-dye process. And I’m proud we were able to achieve that, both with the collection and the film.”

The 19-member cast film highlights the beauty in diversity while showcasing the 19 pieces featured in Rekana’s new collection. Each piece is distinctive, yet they all work together as part of a collection that aligns with the brand’s ethical and environmental ideals.

Children of God premieres on Spice TV on March 21, 2022. It drops three days later on Rekana’s YouTube channel while the new collection is set to be released on April 2nd 2022.

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