Meet ‘The Shoe That Grows’: A Piece of Footwear That Should Be Relevant In Developing States

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A couple of years back, TOMS were some of the most popular shoes in the world. Their rhetoric was for each shoe purchased, they would donate a pair of shoes to a child in a developing nation. As the years have gone by, the suggestion that the TOMS model does more harm than good has been played up. Economists like Dambisa Moyo have argued that the quality of the shoes sent to developing states have been nothing to write home about which has then led to the crumbling of local industries as its primary patrons momentarily have free shoes to wear.

In a short period of time though, these shoes are then outgrown or spoilt causing many children to go without footwear or endure damaged shoes. Because International however, has invented a pair of shoes that counters both issues. With technology that allows it expand five sizes and made of compressed rubber which is also used in car tires, these shoes can be used for five years.

While African industries may still suffer, it’s worthy of note that many of the families who are today wearing these shoes live meal to meal and perhaps would not even have been able to afford to buy shoes. Further consolation is the fact that these shoes have been consciously made to last. If you want to get involved with Because International’s initiative by either distributing their shoes or donating, you may do so here.

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