Shontelle And Dunnie Team Up On Innovative And Immersive ‘House Party’

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Technology has helped the music industry in more ways than we can ever quantify. From the invention of digital streaming platforms which has drastically reduced piracy, we’ve watched the industry blossom into a tech-enabled giant, and artists, of course, have keyed into its benefits. With NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) serving as a growing money-maker in the creative space, artists are coming up with inventive ways to make money from their work especially considering the restrictions the pandemic has placed on touring and the likes; perhaps one of the first female black artists to utilize the opportunities provided by the invention, Barbadian singer, Shontelle, famous for 2010 hit, Impossible, teams up with Nigerian producer, Dunnie on House Party, a Reggae single which she uses to leverage fan love.

There are so many impressive things to note on the single including its digitalization, Shontelle’s ability to fuse RnB, her signature sound and Reggae, the sound of her roots, and Dunnie’s springy instrumentals which is just as impressive as Shontelle’s sultriness. With the excellent combination, House Party develops into an experience that’s just as immersive as Shontelle’s efforts suggest.

For both Shontelle and Dunnie, not only is House Party an opportunity to show off their impressive ranges but also one for them to leave imprints.