Show Dem Camp Deliver A Powerful Dose Of Reality On ‘Rise Of The Underdogs 2’

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In the usual way, they make power moves in form of projects with evergreen features, Show Dem Camp is back this month with Rise Of The Underdogs 2, a metaphorical title with matching content that peels away the many layers of the road to satisfaction in a music industry and a country that can be likened to murky swamps, and the very first single off the fifth installment of their Clone Wars series, aptly titled, The Algorhythm.

Produced by group member, T.U.C, who provides the duo, joined by Tomi Thomas with a dense rhythmic fusion already speaking to the credibility of the upcoming project’s title, Rise Of The Underdogs, although obvious in meaning, is cushioned by the duo’s narration laced with signature hard-hitting bars, powerful enough to inspire introspection. Tomi Thomas’s chorus seals the deal, packing and delivering a powerful dose of reality in his signature off-kilter inflection.