Show Dem Camp, Boj & Odunsi Bring All The Cool Kids Out For ‘Popping’

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Show Dem Camp are no new comers. Over five years in the game have allowed them to build an audience and relationships with many of the acts we see breaking out today. Odunsi’s “remember turning on the radio, for an SDC record, now I’m flexing on an SDC record” line perfectly captures how the duo who are considerably older have managed to blur generational lines. Their most recent EP, Palmwine Music reiterated them as a group that could create commercially appealing music albeit with the help of younger acts like Boj, Odunsi, Ajebutter and the like.

It therefore makes sense that in the video for Popping, many creatives feature including collaborators like Funbi and Butter make appearances. However, the guest appearances aren’t limited to musicians or those who have necessarily worked with SDC. Photographers, models and many who sell themselves on difference, come through to the party, enjoy palm wine, Jameson and really just vibe.

The outro for the King Davies’ directed flick is a short introduction to a record you will definitely be on your toes for.

To get a strong sense of how the video was created, check out the behind the scenes footage from the good people of Days & Nites.

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