Shuga’s Season 6 Opener Is In Part a Reenactment of Omo Pastor and More

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Remember Ajebutter and Boj’s Omo Pastor? Yes you do, great record. As MTV’s Shuga made a return to NIgeria its season opener could be said to be a reenactment of Omo Pastor and some more. While, there’s no real pastor’s daughter, Leyla, played by Jemima Osunde plays her uncle in ways almost any teenager can relate to when their family members oppose granting certain freedoms. Concurrently, we are introduced to Faa, a dancer who continues to make moves to put her name out there. We are also introduced to corper, Yasmin who takes on a teaching role at a high school and looks to be most about the education part which Shuga has continued to be about since its inception.

That’s episode one in a nutshell, but you should definitely watch it because Shuga has a reputation for packing a lot more drama than anyone can reflect without giving you any spoilers.