Sigag Lauren And Lex Ash Bring Hope To Life In Video For ‘We’ll Dance Again’

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A couple of months ago, Lex Ash joined ace EDM Producer and DJ, Sigag Lauren on hope bristling We’ll Dance Again, a free-flowing emotive piece that not highlighted their very profitable synergy but unearthed the gem that is Lex Ash’s syrupy delivery. This month, they revive their motivational narrative with the glossy video for the single.

Directed by Lex Ash who doubles as a Photographer, the video is a candid affair that matches their energies on the upbeat single. As usual, why Sigag Lauren lurks in the shadows, Lex Ash takes hold of the reins, performing and projecting masterfully while drawing us into the joyful world his sleek performance and Sigag Lauren’s atmospheric instrumentals create.