Watch Simi Bring High Spirits To The Streets In Video for ‘Ayo’

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Simi began her 2019 on a joyous note with the release of her first single of the year, Ayo, a while back. Continuing her jolly high, Simi has put out a video to accompany Ayo.

The talented singer and songwriter had quite a number of things to be happy about in the past year and at the beginning of 2019. This is all reflective in the video.

Simi ayo video
Via YouTube: X3M Music

Directed by Director K, the artist is all smiles and reflective of her blessings whether in a pink booth backed by backup singers or bursting her dance moves in the market.

Via YouTube: X3M Music

The video also captures everyday people from different walks of life putting on their brightest smiles regardless of their situations dancing and singing along to the feel-good anthem.

You can listen to the single here and watch Simi in the Ayo video below:

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