Sinäi Makes A Riveting Debut With Acoustic Heavy ‘Run It Out’

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Man I came in so smooth, Had ‘em lookin confused” are the ostentatious words that flag off Sinäi’s acoustic rich Whoisakin produced debut, Run It Out. We don’t often witness musicians moving with heightened levels of confidence on their debuts but for the UK-based singer, delivering with tenacity, asides her savory vocals, is what makes her stand out and she’s aware of this by all indications.

Her influences, ranging from Burna Boy to H.E.R are loud on this debut. Complete with mind-roiling mumblings that will throw her listeners into head-nodding fits, Sinäi, much like the industry giants she looks up to mesmerically frames discourses centered on humanity within several contexts including but not limited to her spirituality and relationships.

Sinäi is charting her path out of obscurity and with Run It Out leading the way, there’s every possibility she’s likely to land on the right foot on her soon to be released debut EP.


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