Six Nigerian Women Talk About Nigerian Men Being Romantic

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We are in the season of love, and romantic gestures are a big part of love. Over time, Nigerian women have reiterated that Nigerian men are not romantic. We decided to ask six Nigerian women what they think about their Nigerian men regarding romance.

He Is Not Perfect But He Tries

He isn’t 100% a romantic guy but he tries, and l appreciate him for that. In a country where the men do the bare minimum, he is doing okay.

I remember one time he asked what I wanted on my birthday, and I told him. I came back from work that day, opened the door, and saw a box with a note, it read, ‘you make me smile every day, I decided to make you smile today’. I sha beamed with smiles, gushed about it, and called him to thank him profusely, but I wasn’t expecting him to just leave the box out like that. He should have hidden it and made me find it with the clues he would leave, but it’s the thought that matters. 

Maria, 27.

He Is The Best In Romance 

I dated two guys before him, and l never knew what romance meant until I met this sweet guy. He is romance personified, he pulls all the stops. I don’t know where he learned all that but this man is the best. He has been showing different shades of romance since we started dating eight months ago. There’s this move that he pulled off and l had to salute his prowess.

On my birthday, he convinced my office to surprise me. I came to the office that day and found the place empty. I thought that they were in an emergency meeting, I searched for ten minutes for everyone but I couldn’t find any one. I even called some of my colleagues but nobody picked up. I was about to leave the building when they started singing birthday songs for me, I shed a tear because I never expected me. They told me my boyfriend bribed them to pull that surprise for me.

Bola, 25.

He Is Sweet

He knows I’m an efiko. I love reading and he knows the kind of books I love to read. Whenever he travels, I’m sure I would get a book with beautiful affirmations on the cover. He blows my mind with those. It’s so sweet because before l start reading any of the books, l first smile at the affirmations. Even on the days when I’m a bit tense, it relaxes me instantly. He is so sweet. 

Bibi, 30

The Little Things Matter With Him

When we were dating, he always came visiting with the smallest gifts, and they were always wrapped. He puts so much thought into everything he gets for me. At that time, he was not earning much but he still managed to get me gifts whenever he visited. Now, my guy has blown, he is a software designer with a fintech company in the UK. There’s more money now, and the gifts have grown in size. 

Last Christmas, we went to the Seychelles. Seychelles has been on my list for the longest time, and while we were dating, he told me we would go to Seychelles one day. We did go there, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. 

Nenye, 30

Every Day, He Gets Better At It

I love suya a lot. He always gets me suya every weekend, we would sit on the balcony of our house, eat and laugh. 

He wasn’t this romantic o. He didn’t even understand what romance was but he was teachable. He would get me gifts and he would just hand them over to me with no feelings or emotions attached, so l told him about that one evening while we were laughing and having a good time. Men don’t like being corrected harshly. He just said ‘okay’, and with each passing day, I realized that he took my advice. He gets better every day and l love it. Nigerian men are not romantic but you can teach them to be. 

Mrs. Paulina Okoro, 51

He’s Such A Sweet Soul

After Uni, while l waited for NYSC, I decided to go into frontend development. I registered at Tech Hub and complemented it with courses online, I then asked for his guidance in the parts l found difficult. I marveled at how calm and chill he was while guiding me.

You know how it is when you’re teaching someone something, and the person just doesn’t get it?  It’s very easy to get impatient and pissed off, but this my sweet boo didn’t even do that one bit. 

He is the sweetest and most chill guy l have ever met.

Gwen, 23

We would love to know what you think about Nigerian men and their romantic side in the comment section

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