SixSaidIt Speaks To A Need For Options On New Single ‘Choosey’

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SIxSaidIt Choosey

British-Nigerian rapper SixSaidIt has released her irrefutably catchy Afropop-infused new single Choosey. Choosey is Six’s first single off her upcoming Outside 2 album. In the new record Six successfully blends her hip-hop roots with soothing Afrobeats influences to create a vibrant tune. Choosey is a sequel to Six’s debut EP, Outside, which was released in 2020.

The Los Angeles-based artist who is gearing up to release her new album, Outside 2, which should be out sometime this fall, raps about the need for options and people’s general choosiness. SixSaidIt mentions that Choosey is “heavily inspired by Petey Pablo’s ‘Freek-a-Leek’ but with a UK AfroBop twist full of different pop culture references from the UK, America, and Nigeria.”

With lines like “Say I only need one man but why though? I need cycles” and “Type of man I crave, just might hit save. Then again might want his friend,” Six treads down the choosy path, cementing her stance on the need for options. Further going on to brag about how she’s a catch hence why she’s choosy, Six raps “Many men try to pursue me, woo me. Ex man ain’t trynna lose me. Main squeeze Peter put me in a two seater, but Imma call Paul cuz e get as he dey do me do me.”

Six definitely means business and choosing Choosey as the first single off her upcoming project was an intentional move. It’s a song that will most likely transport you into your ‘bad bitch’ realm.