Solis Sets The Pace For Upcoming Project With Resonant Single ‘Angel’

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Solis popped up on our radars when she shared her innate airy vibes on fan favorite, Hectic, off Odunsi’s debut album rare. Since then she’s shared a single and is currently trekking the path to her debut EP. She sets the pace to what she describes as the beginning of ‘sunrise’ with a Gosha produced track titled Angel in which she wields her mellifluous vocals as a tool to bring her intentions for her lover to life.

Already attune to fluidly expressing herself as she did on My Love To You, Solis melts away with the cadence of soft-sounding acoustics playing in the background as she details her corny but lulling narrative. Her debut project is on the horizon and with Angel leading the way, the project’s prospect is exciting.

Photo Credit: @rubyokoro


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