Solis’s Mind Is Dripping with Libra Energy On ‘Ruled By Venus, Unfortunately’

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There are a number of words that come close to perfect when describing the emotions Solis’ music elicits but euphonious is the only fitting word that comes to mind- one that encompasses the texture of her vocals and the feeling of euphoria it inspires each time she begins a song. Solis knows this, in fact, it’s palpable in her demeanor and lax performance. It is also one reason she cherrypicks her season to bloom and might be why right in the thick of summer, she blossoms on her debut EP: Ruled By Venus, Unfortunately. 

Solis wants us to know her exploits are not of her volition but a direct result of the ruling planet of her star sign: Libra. The six-track EP’s title is the first indication of her nonconformist nature. Based in Lagos, a city with an aversion to cosmic elements like star signs, Solis is clearly not swayed by the cultural or religious norms of the city and despite the diplomatic nature of those ruled by Venus, she’s neck-deep in her own perceptions, evidenced in her attitude to relationships on the EP’s opener, Fuck Boys Kiss Girls. 

Her ruling planet doesn’t only oscillate around her lush and inspiring narratives from start to finish, but it also serves as the lifeblood of her atmospheric sound. A true to fashion EP, she adopts the same sound throughout the project that serves as an echoing chamber of her mind and artistry, only with an exception of rhythmic drums on tracks like Mercury, synthesized cymbals on Don’t Call Me, and textured keys on Comatose

Ruled By Venus, Unfortunately, is so many things at once. It’s a love letter to Solis herself because it indicates she’s accepting of who she is, it’s an apology note to those who have to witness the wiles of a Libra woman, it’s also a reflection of herself, a woman without inhibitions and confident in her delivery, evidenced in the featureless project. And lastly, it is an induction to the world of nonconformism where we hope Solis will abide as long as she makes music. 

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