Somadina Is In Tune With Her Emotions on ‘Lay Low’ featuring Orinayo

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The idea that first impressions go a long way is one Somadina has benefitted from heavily because of her debut release, IHY. The emotive track put her on the map as a vocalist to watch and treading the same path but showing obvious evolution, Somadina returns with her heart yet to be mended but with a more fierce interpretation of her emotions on Lay Low.

Atop a bed of pulsating 808s woven with the occasional snare and sustained by mellow keys and cymbals, Somadina and Orinayo project their emotions into heady verses before going on to harmonize and take on sweet and sour personalities, peculiar to their sound and narratives.

With IHY, Somadina showed her mature delivery and with Lay Low, she doubles down and clears any doubts. She’s clearly made for music and time should work in her favor.