Sorry, Black Tie: The Singleton Teams Up With FK & Jola for ISWIS Owambe

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The Singleton treated partygoers at the I Said What I Said (ISWIS) Owambe to a taste of teal as the highly anticipated debut of the event lived up to its billing of ‘party unusual’. This partnership represents the ideal pairing because as FK & Jola express their thoughts unashamedly, The Singleton calls on whisky lovers and otherwise to enjoy drinks and indeed life unapologetically.

Staying true to the theme, The Singleton offered a specially curated cocktail menu like none other with the Faaji Express being the most popular. The crowd favorite cocktail was the result of The Singleton’s meeting with the sweetness of honey, apple, pineapple, and the spice of ginger. Faaji never tasted better!

Complete with aso ebi, highlife renditions of chart-topping hits from a live band as well as appearances from celebrity guests like Denola Grey, the event was replete with everyone’s favorite things about Owambe.

Keep up with @thesingletonngr for more exotic cocktail recipes.



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