Sosa Of 8O Sounds Debuts Gritty EP; godcomplex 

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An affiliation with an elite group of young producers creating avant-garde soundscapes known as 80 Sounds as a nut cracker ruins the possibility of a surprise that Nigerian based Producer meets rapper; Sosa’s anticipated debut EP; godcomplex is a high tide of turn up cuts powered by heavy trap beats waiting to break him into the Nigerian hip-hop scene. With a string of few worthy credits accompanying him, his announcement of the EP as a rising star was not met with expected acknowledgment but the slew of the hard hitting, relatable vibey tracks that make up the EP showcase nothing short of credible hip-hop capability. After all, the genre requires a certain its curators and listeners to wield a certain level of natural expertise.

The EP courses through the innate battle bordering on a variety of touchy subjects everyone seems to go through when reasoning and psychedelia meddles with reality. To ensure a smooth sail through said battle, Sosa enlists fellow rising but talented acts; Teddy Kane, Mafeni, Barelyanyhook and Cronik(E) to soundtrack his mix of syncopated and pulsating rhythms breezing through his carefully crafted layers of 5 hard hitting tracks.

The young rapper ensures that his production energy doesn’t wane and interfere with his rapping as he tirelessly delivers cutting and edgy bars and as he takes control of his sound, he assumes the character of a true producer by also giving allowance to the other talents featured to explicitly project their singing and rapping skills.

Godcomplex is an exploration of gritty real life scenarios injected in samples that provide layering for the projection of the mental state that spans the creation of the project.  As Sosa takes us through a mesh of psychedelia, love, intropsection, among others, he inadvertently provides an expository into his life which in turn prepares us for what’s to come in the Bad Decisions; his supposed next EP and other future projects.