St. Seii Sounds Battle Cry on “fiTna”

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St. Seii is fast becoming recognized as a versatile new age act that gracefully combines Afrobeats with Rap, RnB, and Trap. As an artist who clearly is consistently working on his craft to be at the top of his game; his songwriting, vocal range, and melodies always stand out.

St. Seii closed 2022 with a big stride releasing a two-pack single titled La Saint containing WOODTALK and ANGELA, WHINE! Similarly, he launched his 2023 with the critically acclaimed single fiTna. The song is a battle cry, a stern warning to those looking down on his abilities and talent.

Explaining the meaning behind the title of the song he said, “Fitna has different translations and meanings, however, in this context it means war, basically I am tired of being the underdog and playing villain against every opposition & naysayer. I am going to silence all doubts about my craft that is the mission! With the excellent fusion of Afrobeats, RnB and catchy melodies and top-notch songwriting, the song becomes an instant favourite for the listener.

St. Seii glides on the mid-tempo beat confidently and calmly issues his warning to whoever dares look down on him and his craft, while also announcing he is ready to take over the game. To him, 2023 is strictly for business. fiTna is the right step in the right direction to begin 2023 for St. Seii, giving his loyal fans and everyone a taste of what he has in stock for the year.

Talking about the process behind making fiTna, he said, “It was smooth; it felt like my alter ego took was in control while making the song. It just came to me easily ; I enjoyed the process of writing and recording the song. I heard the beat and the rest is history as they say talking further on his alter ego, “My alter ego is an entirely different version of me that people get to see, he is totally different entity. He is brutal, overly assertive, careless, ruthless and never settles.

fiTna is a song for everyone; it can be a calm song you listen to on a long journey, or a source of inspiration to keep you pushing, or a song to get you charged up or a song you play when you are turning up with your friends. It is a great song that goes straight into your favourite playlist; it is undeniable ear candy.

St. Seii is currently working on new music, he said, I am back in the studio working on new stuff, experimenting with new sounds. Hopefully, I will release an album or EP this year. I have a lot planned for the year; it is going to be a great year.

Listen to fiTna here:

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