Star Zee Taps Aphrodija for Sister Nancy Sampling ‘Bam Bam’

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The Afrobeats revolution is usually implied as being centered around both Nigeria- Ghana- two countries whose Anglophone presence and significant diaspora population have helped empower the wave of growth we have seen from the Afrobeats set. While other countries within the ECOWAS region might not have the cultural soft power to fuel its growth, they do play an important role in offering a platform for sustainability while also assimilating from it. This is particularly embodied by the collab between Sierra Leone’s Star Zee and Aphrodija on Wata Bam Bam. Channelling the legendary Bam Bam performed by SIster Nancy, they deliver an upbeat Dancehall performance with an obviously West African undertone.

For Aphorodija, who’s been working on her forthcoming release album tentatively titled LATECOMER, this collab helps spread her tentacles away from the primary Nigerian market and build momentum towards her next single Yoruba Demon and forthcoming collab with Tanzania’s Maua Sama.


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