Superstar DJ Xclusive Debuts Incredible Solo Performance on ‘Love’

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Superstar DJ Xclusive Debuts Incredible Solo Performance In 'Love'

After breaking through with Ori Mi featuring Kizz Daniel, Superstar DJ, Xclusive debuts a solo performance with Love; a tempestuous EDM led love ballad dedicated to the track’s muse.

These days, Musicians aren’t artists who retreat into their shells when they get flack or are unappreciated for exploring new territories. Majority of them draw strength from their well grounded beliefs and reinforce their presence in the industry with more music alluding their disregard for criticism. Nigeria has played host to a good number of such artistes, some of who have centered their artistry around same criticism and risen above it.

DJ turned Singer; Xclusive, is one of those unabashedly exploring new territories and it seems to be going smoothly for him as his performance in Love including frequent Falsetto transitions indicate a certain kind of comfortability in the performing aspect of music.