Suté Shares 11-Track Debut Album ‘Paradise’

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Suté Iwar’s first project, Jeli was the result of an advanced taste in music inspired by years of experimenting with different sounds and a reflection of his person back in 2014 when the project was released. Six years, two projects and several singles later, not only has Suté refined his sound and settled comfortably in his niche with a sizeable fanbase and a separation from his brother; Tay Iwar’s brand, he has become more brazen with his releases. Upon inking a distribution deal with music startup, Ejoya Music, the rapper has released a number of singles including fan-favorite, ‘baby I’m a star‘ a move among others that culminates in the release of his debut album, Paradise, this month.

Hinged on a musical fusion of Trap, R&B, Funk, Soul and Afro Rhythms, Paradise is an album that spans various subjects including love, identity, the search for peace of mind and loss which Suté articulates in his signature mellow cadence.

Opening with Generation Z, a bridge that connects the Suté of 2014 with 2019 Suté – who’s described according to the track as a ‘Generation Z African’ – Paradise is indeed a kaleidoscopic collection of thoughts, memories, and actions that will have you floating on its plane of syncopated and synthesized sounds as Suté leads the way to more introspective and thought-provoking tracks such as personal favorite the dancehall tinged Don’t Wait Up, moody R&B dedicated track, Red Wine Memories, Jazz and Hip-hop hybrid and the Barelyanyhook-assisted Heartless/Space.

With only two features which spotlight Suté’s lone ranger persona and a clear division of his talents and abilities across 11 stellar tracks, his evolution and readiness to fill the creative void Nigeria’s Hip-hop industry possesses are obvious. Not only is Paradise exciting for Suté and his fans, but its prospects are promising for the industry at large.

Photo Credit: @ajayabalaka

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