T-Classic And Mix Naija’s Heartrending Ode ‘Alirat’ Is a Perfect Mixture of Tragedy And Emotions

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As in any other profession, success in the music industry requires the right support system which is exactly what T-Classic, famous for 2019 anthem, Nobody Fine Pass You, found in his former manager and the latter’s mother. Unfortunately, the bond between the trio was shortlived due to the death of said manager’s mother. Following the tragedy, the duo teamed up to honor the memory of the woman who was dear to both of them and Alirat, is the four-track result of this.

The E.P. complete with compelling lyrics and the stirring ambiance that accompanies tragedy motivated music features relatively young producers such as Reward Beatz, Yalababayala, and godOmarr. According to Damilare Famoyin, T-Classic’s former manager, their strategic selection of producers did not happen by chance. Speaking about this he said,

“I’ve always wanted to put out a body of work that showcases new talent, and Alirat provided such opportunity. Everyone that contributed to this project is all new faces, from the producers to the featured artists.”

Alirat is a four-track project with emotive tracks including Pour Me Water (PMW), and Love You For Life, that serves as both a heartrending ode to an important figure in the T-Classic’s life and a platform that serves as a pedestal for up and comers to exist on which circles back to the Alirat Famoyin’s driving force.

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