Tau Benah and Fresh L Masterfully Cover Ashford and Simpson’s Send It

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While covers are abundant, good covers are few and far between. Most times, you hear a cover and end up feeling underwhelmed because of what you’ve had to endure but also often so disturbed by it that you can no longer appreciate the original record for what it was. With Tau Benah and Fresh L’s Everything though, that’s not a worry you have to figure out as they extract the essential from Ashford and Simpson’s 1977 soul track, Send It and sprinkle their touch.

Altering the original by switching up the chorus and verses of the husband-and-wife songwriting-production team, Tau Benah succeeds at maintaining the mood but incorporating a Nigerian feel while Fresh L delivers a slowed down verse that could only make you think about your lover.

Listen to the original record and make your call.

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