Tay Iwar is bright, bold but broken on new single ‘Sidelines’

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Tay Iwar was confident when he came on to the music scene with Passport in 2014, inclusive yet flouncy when he dug deeper with 1997 in 2018 and unique with all his inbetweeners including Zion Wolf and Wuse II. This year, as Tay approaches his final form; a climax of all the alluring features that have preluded each of his projects, he seems to be free of all forms of hesitancy and immaturity, his intent more obvious and his content, cast in clarity.

The first official single off the coming project; How featured all these and now the same can be said about Sidelines; a track steeped in a variety of galvanic drums which serves as the second official single off Gemini.

As Tay chronicles the story of a messy relationship with the track’s muse in the chaotic love ballad, we can almost visualize the effortless synth-pop song, it’s sticky chorus, and cheeky lyrics like “you’ve been telling everyone you’re lonely, can’t believe you can’t find the one, you’ve been searching wrong all along” – elements that are testament to his evolution and creativity.

Gemini will arrive on the 29th of this Month and if Hope and Sidelines serves as heralds to the project, then its likely to be his biggest and best till date.

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