Team Smooth Bags Guinness Smooth Reward In BBN Task

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How much can you confidently say you know about Guinness Smooth? Not Guinness. Guinness Smooth. If you’re anything like some of the current Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates, who just got introduced to the magic of Guinness Smooth, then this article is for you.

Guinness Smooth recently visited the Big Brother season 7 housemates to acquaint them with the Guinness Smooth product in the form of an interactive task. This task was divided into four phases flowing smoothly into each other. The housemates were put through a series of activities including a jigsaw puzzle, ball pit charade, beer pong, and the Smooth Space Pitch. “Team Vibe”, “Team Easy”, and “Team Silk” gave it their best but in the end, there could only be one winner.



Guinness Smooth identified the need to take bonds formed in the Big Brother house to the next level by creating tribes. At the last phase of the task – The smooth space pitch identified the natural habitats of these tribes which included a beach, House party, fashion fiesta, and a concert. The concert was the smooth space chosen by Phyna, Bryann, Chiomzy, Rachel & Dotun of “Team Smooth”, who came out victorious amongst their peers with the easy-going, smooth-flowing song to match their vibe.



Through this task, Guinness Smooth was able to immerse the housemates as well as viewers of the show and well-wishers in the Guinness Smooth experience. It was fun, easygoing, and successfully brought out the creativity and unique expression of the housemate’s Guinness Smooth experience. With this, Guinness welcomed the housemates to the brighter side of life.


Want to join the brighter side, follow @guinnessngr on Instagram. Let your first sip be smooth!

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