Teffy is All About Mellow Vibes on His Sophomore Project, Melody King

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For most people, the first time they ever heard of Teffy was back in 2013 when he released moderately successful Eja Tutu featuring Ajebutter 22 at the height of his ascent. Since then, he has taken some necessary time off making music following his dad’s passing, refined his sound and continued to push for success without ever losing his touch and straying too far off his sweet spot. One mixtape and four years after initially stealing the shine, Teffy releases his sophomore mixtape under the moniker he has donned for the past year, Melody King.

The album is not entirely new, over the past 18 months, we’ve slowly received its records as tracks like Purple, Hennessy and Shutdown all released in 2016 feature on the 12 track project. All the production comes from CEE3, Caleb, Teffy and GMK while Lady Donli, D-O, Kash, Fresh L and Lucy DK all lend a hand with their vocals.

Teffy must be commended for the fact that the tape is a collection of diverse types of music. While each song tells a different story, one thing Teffy manages to remind us of with every chance he gets is that he’s a popping guy and he’ll do anything to keep the ladies happy.

Give it a spin.

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