Tekno Releases ‘Kata’ To Spread Positivity Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

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Tekno has just released a brand-new single titled Kata, expanding our playlist and giving us more reasons to smile during self-isolation. The song serves to remind people of the beautiful things of life like love, joy, friendship, bonds, and hope.

With everything happening around the world and the unfortunate spread of Corona Virus, the multi-talented Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer use his music to uplift everyone, reminding us that we are not alone and together, we can overcome anything. The upbeat track is currently the number one trending song on Triller, an entertainment and social video sharing platform, with over 850+ videos already created two days before its official release.

With more national and international musicians hosting live parties on social media during the COVID-19 period, Tekno will be releasing music more frequently during this period to help spread positive vibes as the world deals with the Corona Virus pandemic.


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