Four Things To Expect From Tems’ Upcoming Debut Album

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Here Are Expectations From Tems' Upcoming Debut Album

Since her collaboration with Wizkid on Essence first put her in the global spotlight four years ago, Tems has been unstoppable. The Nigerian artist has an impressive track record, having written for billionaire entrepreneur Rihanna on the song Lift Me Up and earned a Grammy award for a sample used by Future from her debut EP, For Broken Ears. This achievement adds to her already dazzling collection of awards from BET and other prestigious platforms. She also lent her voice to the trailer of Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever with a cover of Bob Marley’s No Woman, No Cry, and brought her unique charm to Beyoncé’s Move alongside Grace Jones on the album RENAISSANCE.  Tems’ journey to stardom began with her debut mixed-genre extended play, For Broken Ears, released in September 2020. As its title implies, For Broken Ears serves as a balm for those who were feeling fractured. In 2020; when hearts and minds sought solace, Tems’ voice emerged as the unexpected remedy our ears had been yearning for. Her emotive fusion of Afropop and R&B captivates listeners effortlessly. Across the seven tracks, themes of loss, love, success, regret, longing, and empowerment are explored with each track unveiling a different side of Tems showcasing confidence deeply rooted in her identity.

For her second EP, If Orange Was A Place, Tems delivered a captivating 5-track collection not so different from For Broken Ears in sounds and themes. Released under RCA Records/Since ’93, the project arrives a year after her debut album, once again showcasing Tems’ emotionally resonant fusion of Afropop and R&B. This release is enhanced by the production talents of her go to producer, GuiltyBeatz. Tems’ debut album, Born In The Wild has been a long time coming. Last year, the songstress brought the upcoming album closer with Me & U, a track exploring her relationship with her maker. It was followed by Not An Angel, which she co-produced with Sarz, and then, Love Me Jeje, a love song produced by GuiltyBeatz and Spax, unofficially debuted by Tems at Coachella. The track features a sample from Seyi Sodimu’s 1997 classic of the same name.

Tems’ debut album arrives tommorrow, June 7. “It is actually about my journey,” Tems has said of the album. “It’s about my experience as me, and about the experiences I’ve had so far. And it really felt like the life I lived before, the life I was accustomed to felt like a wilderness.” 

Humble beginnings

Before she was Tems she was Temilade Opeyemi, and before she became a world-famous artist she worked as a digital marketer for three years. Quitting her marketing job, Tems started to make music full-time, announcing herself with Mr Rebel in 2018. By the time Try Me was released a year later, Tems had established herself as one of the hottest young talents to watch out for.

Her dynamic vocal ability and sharp songwriting skills were evident in her tracks. From her formal introduction with Mr Rebel, to star stomp with Try Me and her feature on Essence, the standout track from Wizkid’s  Made In Lagos album, which solidified her place in the R&B genre internationally. In Essence, Tems was the heart and soul, igniting the song’s sultry lyrics. Her feature on Drake’s Fountains released in 2021, offered a different take, adding an R&B sound to the track’s Amapiano-influenced sound.

Tems has consistently controlled the narrative of her expertly curated releases, and Born In The Wild promises to be an expansion of her untamed talent, highlighting her growth and artistic vision.

Collaborations across board 

Tems is one of the most sought-after collaborators in the music industry. In addition to her collaborations with Wizkid and Future, Tems has continued to make waves with the number of records she hops on. She lent her soulful vocals to Drake’s Wait For U,  Beyoncé’s Move alongside Grace Jones, and her recent feature on Tyla’s No. 1, a track off her eponymous album, further solidifying her status as a musical powerhouse. With her debut album on the horizon, fans can expect even more collaborations from Tems as she continues to hold sway with her voice and artistic vision.


New themes, new sounds 

Tems has consistently demonstrated a willingness to explore new themes through her impressive body of work. From her 2018 debut single, Mr Rebel, Tems established the foundation of her identity, confidently proclaiming herself as “the leading vibe” and setting the stage for her unfolding career. In her other tracks Try Me and Free Mind, she explores contrasting themes: one detailing pain and the other offering a sense of liberation. Damages, from her debut EP For Broken Ears, addresses the pain of unrequited love. Armed with a newfound perspective, she reflects on her past experiences and demands to be treated with the respect she deserves. In the upcoming album, Tems is likely to continue her exploration of new themes and experimentation with diverse sounds. Her willingness to venture beyond her established R&B roots suggests that her fans can expect new sounds and themes. Tems has already set the tone with forerunners to the album in Me & U, where she combines a rhythmic drum pattern with soulful croons to express her devotion to Christ and Love Me Jeje, where she articulates her desires in love unapologetically. This creative boldness hints at an album that will push boundaries and offer fresh, innovative experiences for her audience.

A Complete Experience Of Tems 

In an interview with Apple Music, Tems shared insights into her forthcoming album, Born in the Wild: “Born in the Wild is actually about my journey. It’s about my experience as me, and about the experiences I’ve had so far. And it really felt like the life I lived before, the life I was accustomed to, felt like a wilderness.”

Tems elaborated on the elements that propel the album, saying, “I was raised in Lagos, and that’s a part of me, but it’s not really about the place; it’s more about the state of being. It was a wilderness in the environment I lived in, and there were so many things that happened and so many lessons I learned to come and be this person now. It is basically coming out of the wilderness. So that’s basically what Born In the Wild is about.”

Capturing Tems’ journey and growth over the years is no small feat, however Born in the Wild is poised to offer an intimate look into the artist’s life, music, and essence.