Tems Ascends To God Status In Outer Space Video For ‘The Key’

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Charting the course for Nigeria’s new school of wonder women to follow, Tems has carved a niche for herself to flourish with a distinctive sound and voice, loud enough to announce her uniqueness on arrival, which was exactly the case when she released her debut EP, For Broken Ears. Seven tracks long and packed with stories, personal and popular, the project offered her growing fanbase more than a bird’s eye view of her artistry, and one of the tracks that served this purpose is The Key. In typical Tem’s style, she approaches the video in a nonconforming manner, taking her viewers to space where she leads an army of alien warriors.

Tems recognizes her growing power and with Seyi Akinlade’s help, she visualizes her transition to god status. Much like the inspiring words she belts out in the song are metaphorical, so are the scenes in the video, all gloomily indicating the magic that is her sound. What better way to visualize this narrative than a self-styled plot of her talent-driven dominance.

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