Chaotic Love Is The Nexus Of Teni And Davido’s ‘For You’

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Having already caused quite a stir on social media in the past couple of weeks, Teni and Davido finally make their way to the big screens today in the video for the former’s forthcoming album lead single, For You in which they cause an even bigger uproar than they have in the social stratosphere these past few weeks.

As usual, Teni is her cheeky self in the Dammy Twitch directed video, grinding to Pheelz’s xylophonic percussions and riding the high her sweet words and eventually fulfilled promises, creates. Davido matches her cheekiness, playing his role as the indulging lover and serving cute couple shots as they mirror Bonnie and Clyde’s positions on love.

As a love song, For You is a sweet declaration that will definitely get you in your feelings by way of sound and story, and, as a precursor to her debut album, Wondaland, it’s an even stronger assurance of a good time.

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