Teni Is All About Her Blessings on Uyo Meyo

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Months ago, we were fortunate enough to be graced with a clip in which rave of the moment; Teni expressed her feelings about bagging a Degree. This clip was not only an expression of gratitude but an expository into the extent of her talent which was well underrated before she served us with the surface of her vocal strength. 

This month, she revives the song articulated in her native dialect titled Uyo Meyo as a birthday gift to herself and to her fans. She reprises her role as the Celebrant, detailing her come up and success and expressing gratitude and joy over how far she’s come and how she’s finally a benefactor of the blessings she once dreamed of. 

Uyo Meyo like every other offering from the rambunctious Teni, albeit more spiritual and intense is a projection of the good vibes, Teni naturally inspires and while we’ve gotten a truckload of this, this year, we can’t wait for 2019, which promises to be a great year with her. 

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