Teni Returns With Fiery Record, ‘Party Next Door’

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Teni has become the transparent breath of fresh air our stifled industry has lacked and sought. It’s not just because of her alluring vocals or ability to nestle comfortably within the fine lines of music but mainly as a result of the holistic nature of her brand; one that encapsulates every demand the patriarchal industry frowns at and has successfully run with it. Presently enjoying the benefits of her hard work in form of her first tour, Teni generously offers us what might be the first single off her coming debut EP.

The genre-bending track titled Party Next Door finds her successfully experimenting with EDM, Pop, Afropop, underlying Dancehall and a bit of House music as she iterates her plans to have the time of her life, projected in her signature mesmeric vocals.

It’s something about a vibrant soundscape and wholesome hook that draws you into a party starter and with her equally vibrant personality, Teni has mastered the art of exerting her energy into every one of her tracks, making them unforgettable. Like Case and Askamaya, Party Next Door is likely to become a hit.


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