Terizaa Is Sweet, Sassy And Self-Confident On Her Debut ‘Body’

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Terizaa’s Body comes at a moment when girl power is depicted in the most empowering forms, ranging from hedonism to authoritarianism, feminism, and many more colorful, persona-defining ways. The budding singer started out as a key member of a teenage girl group but is now ready to step out on her own and take the industry by storm with her undeniable top-notch songwriting abilities and vocal skills. For her debut, Body, she takes the liberating route, in line with her intent to blaze a trail and the skills, she possesses, that supports this goal. Despite being in the early stages of her career, she already boasts of her own unique sound which features a blend of Soul, Afro-pop, and House, one she believes is unlike anything her listeners have heard before. Body is the product of this.

With its enrapturing instrumental and Terizaa’s silky smooth voice, Body is complete with the makings of a summer anthem. It finds Terizaa singing from the standpoint of a self-confident and assured woman immune to any form of deception. Body’s verses are short and sweet, the hook is catchy, and it comes without reason not to love it.

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