Terri plays with Electro-funk and Afro-Pop on standard love song ‘On Me’

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Since his debut on 2018’s Soco, Terri has proven to be more than a worthy protege of the self proclaimed Starboy. He has aggressively put it in work that has taken him from upcoming to impressive and though he’s yet to make his mark on the mainstream, his little input have been deemed weighty. On his new single titled On Me, an electro-funk and Afro-Pop love ballad, Terri stresses his growing relevance in the industry.

On instrumentals powered by Quebeat’s reverberating drums, he rolls out his intent for his muse in a litany of raunchy but engaging words that will have his listeners moving their bodies along to the bass lines. A likely fan favourite, Terri is the life of the party in the accompanying video directed by David Anthony.

From his Soco debut, Terri has assumed the character of an industry star and his accompanying tracks are proof that in no time and with consistency, he should be reigning across borders.