$tevoxcv And Kizz Ernie Go Toe To Toe With Their Frustrations On ‘Long’

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Last time we heard from $tevoxcv, inspired by the #EndSars protests that happened in Nigeria at the last quarter of 2020, he was waxing philosophical on Silver & Gold with Duzzy Lee, on his Kizz Ernie assisted latest Long, however, he switches lanes and adapts to the worldwide changes the world is currently through.

On the frustration-tinged ode to unyielding lovers, $tevoxcv and Kizz Ernie dish on their frustrations albeit in captivating ways. While $tevoxcv articulates his verses using classic rap mannerisms, Ernie serenades his muse and their listeners wielding his lush baritone vocals as his weapon of choice.

$tevoxcv has a signature diverse sound due to his Hip-Hop, Pop, and Afro-Beat background and the influence of a wide range of musicians, all of these converge on Long giving it the exotic flavor that’s likely to make it a fan-favorite.