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Last night was the 86th Annual Academy Awards and we saw some great looks from both the men and the women. I guess since I watched the show and I am one of two female writers for Culture Custodian, the Best Dressed List had to be relegated to me even though I have no idea what I am talking about. Mayowa is trying to marginalise me since he can’t handle the truth.

Anyway I thought the three best dressed women of the night were:


1. Kate Hudson

This dress is the epitome of old Hollywood glamour. I just adore the way it drapes and hugs her body. She isn’t even nominated this year yet she dazzled like no man’s business on the red carpet with this beaded Versace number.




2. Lupita Nyong’o

Newcomer Lupita started off this award season with a very loud presence at the Golden Globes and she has skyrocketed ever since. I hadn’t watched 12 Years A Slave before then and I must admit that her fashion sense has played a huge role in my admiration for her. Anyway, she has on a dress with a neckline that she wears so well. Kate Hudson (above) had on something similar. I had predicted that Lupita would wear blue or yellow for the Oscars and I knew it would just be one colour but I was a bit underwhelmed at first. After I saw the dress in motion though, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It moves so beautifully and romantically and the “Nairobi blue” custom Prada was perfect dress to win in.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 21.36.12

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 21.36.38

Her make up was also fantastic.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 21.36.59


3. Cate Blanchett

The Great Cate looked golden in her nude Armani Prive gown. The dress went perfectly with her accessories and her hair, making sure that we never forget that she is the most sophisticated and glamourous master of film in this lifetime.



Was it just me or did her dress have the exact same silhouette as the one she wore for the Golden Globes?



Speaking of glamorous…

4. Kerry Washington

86th Annual Academy Awards - People Magazine Arrivals

Kerry had on stunning make up for the Oscars. I have never seen a pregnant woman glow more.


There were also a number structured and timeless dresses on the red carpet last night

5. Kristen Bell

Everything about this dress is perfect. You can tell the neckline and the ruffles and the corset at the back were very well thought out. The dress is by Roberto Cavalli and she couldn’t have picked better.



6. Charlize Theron

Since Charlize is the most beautiful woman on the planet it is unfair to put her on any list. She had on the best black outfit amongst all the women. The dress is very Dior and I like the way it makes her look statuesque



7. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy, oh Chrissy. This lady is a breath of fresh air. I love everything about her least of which is what she wears on the red carpet. However, I am very fond of this flowery Monique Lhuillier number and what I love even more is that it has pockets.



8. Amy Adams

The most timeless piece this year by far. In 50 years she still wouldn’t regret making the decision to wear this. I feel like she could have done better though since she had nominations for Best Actress and 2 different movies.



I don’t know much about men’s fashion regardless I enjoyed three looks from the guys last night because they dared to do something different.

9. Pharrell Williams

This man is so effortlessly cool


10. Jared Leto

The handsome man in white


11. Kevin Spacey

“I love that man. I love him more than sharks love blood.”


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