The Aisha and Muhammadu Buhari Brouhaha: What Happened?

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Aisha and Muhammadu Buhari

So if you don’t know what’s transpired between your First Lady and President, Aisha and Muhammadu Buhari, we’re here to bring you up to speed with the facts

1. Aisha Buhari granted BBC an interview and stated that she may not back a second-term bid unless there are vital changes made to her husband’s government. She claimed that the President doesn’t actually know most of the top officials who have been appointed (bear in mind that this is despite the fact that there have been accusations of bias towards Northerners in these appointments). You can listen to the interview here.

2. According to Sahara Reporters, the Presidency made attempts to ensure the interview never saw the light of day.

3. The BBC aired a part of the interview this morning and intends on airing the rest of it on its programme, Gane Mini Hanya this weekend.

4. The President who is currently in Germany proceeded to clear the air and said The First Lady belongs in his kitchen and other room before going on to suggest he possesses superior knowledge over her and the opposition (He makes a weak attempt at connecting it to the fact that he ran for President 3 times before finally succeeding)

5. We’re all crazy that our President is stupid enough to say such!