The Broken Record Podcast’s Religious Episode initiates a necessary conversation about Faith

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Episode 10 of Laila Johnson- Salami’s The Broken Record Podcast by Laila Johnson-Salami features Adeolu Adefarasin and Mustapha Briggs and seeks to discuss specific religious values over two sessions.

Adefarasin spoke on balancing being acting with being an ordained minister, highlighting how both  endeavours  co-exist. He further construed the underlying intent of Christianity which he deems should be Love rather than Law.

The second session kicks off as Briggs extrapolates how Muslims approach marriage and divorce particularly in Nigeria. Laila stresses on the need to identify cultural and religious values, referencing a TEDx Talk from Samina Ali addressing the misconstrued conceptions about the hijab, its actual origins and flexibility of the law.

The podcast wrapped up as they dispelled some myth from the Qur’an and examined the basis for polygamy in Islam.

Listen to The Religious Episode of The Broken Record Podcast below:


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