The Cavemen’s Debut Album ‘Roots’ Is A Love Letter To High-life

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Brother duo, Kingsley, and Benjamin of The Cavemen have resurfaced and redefined the Highlife genre with their unique and heady fusion of traditional percussions. Since they stepped onto the scene as instrumentalists, they’ve purposely inched towards the mainstream, biding their time with singles like Osondu and Runaway Lady, along with prominent features on Lady Donli’s debut project and Tomilola’s Let Go. With a worthy grip on the mainstream and a sizeable fan base, the band peaks this month with their debut album, Roots, an origin story thrown in colorful mixes of captivating sounds that speaks to their desire to circle back to their beginnings.

The sixteen-track album is reflective of them and on the introductory track, the aptly titled Welcome To The Cave, they relay their source, intent, and influence in sparse but impactful words that charge their listeners with anticipation. With no time to waste, they take huge steps into this historic world they have created by means of sound with Akaraka on which they bring to mind, the destiny wielding nature of our hands.

The Cavemen are so in tune with their emotions and environment that every track on the album has weighty undertones which affirms life and also, the power of music to interpret its intricacies, this person defining feature is what gives the project its elastic quality. There are no stories too soulful, sad, or sentimental for this eclectic band. They touch on everything that speaks to their roots and the legacy of Highlife. And, despite their desire to capture the geist of the timeless genre, there’s the strong presence of rhythm and soul that makes love ballad, Oge sound different from soul-searing Crazy Lover, the dewy Obiageri, and even the soothing Beautiful Rain.

Embedded in Roots is an outpour of the highs and lows of Highlife over the years along with the duo’s captivating tone and intent to reintroduce this generation to their heritage while capturing the essence of life itself in the calmest and sweetest of ways.


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