The Cool Kids of Street Souk 2022

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If recent history is anything to go by, one thing about the Alté community is that their fashion always stands out. On their return this year, Iretidayo Zacchaeus’ Street Souk did not fail to live up to its reputation as Africa’s largest annual streetwear convention.

These are some of our favorite looks from the attendees who spoke to us about their sense of style.

 Leah, 20 

Street style is  people bringing out their soul to you in form of clothing, their aura, a mental form that is now in physical form.

Pinterest, TikTok and my friends on Instagram influence my style.

Anu, 19

For me street style is about trends and acceptability and mostly fashion that resonates with you.

Fafa, 14

I go for more baggy clothes for comfort and the chillness. Street style for me is about clothing for comfort and confidence boost.

Gbenga, 25

Street style is expression, personal idiosyncrasies, I aim for comfort. My style is an embodiment of all of my experiences

IV, 21

I watch a lot of old TV shows and 90s movies- that’s where I draw most of my inspiration from. I try to add a little bit of myself into it as a fashion stylist

Jumoke, 19

Street style to me is about wearing the most comfortable outfits while being stylish. I go for whatever suits me. Fashion isn’t what you wear, it is what you are.


Street Souk, which touts itself as a world-class streetwear convention that celebrates the streetwear fashion and culture in Nigeria, merges fashion, music, culture and entertainment. If you are a street fashion enthusiast that missed the last edition, here are more pictures to motivate you not to miss this year’s convention.