The Fight Against Sexual Assault Continued With A March This Weekend

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The past few weeks on Twitter have shown us that, sadly, a great amount of young women have suffered sexual abuse at some point. Bravely naming and shaming their abusers was only the first step for these ladies who are determined to ensure their voices are heard in the fight against sexual assault. The past month’s happenings have led to the creation of an organisation known as We Will Not Be Silent Lagos who looks to carry the momentum on and ensure there is apt awareness about sexual assault and rape.

Over the past weekend, the first march against assault held in Ikoyi and it was great to see the people come out en masse. With ridiculously low numbers of actual convictions for sexual assault in Nigeria, there is clearly a long way to go and hopefully the tide can gain enough momentum to bring some reform to laws and eventually lead to justice. The first step is changing attitudes and We Will Not Be Silent are leading the charge.

Below are some pictures from the march.


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