The Highs And Lows of the Capital Block Party

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It’s been a minute since the epic showdown that was the Capital Block Party. Regardless of your location, you would have had to be under a rock to miss all the chatter; social media was abuzz from the explosive visuals floating on the day. Now that the dust has settled, let’s give you the lowdown of our favourite and not-so-great moments from the party.

  • Cocktails! Cocktails! Cocktails! (HIGH)

Without a doubt, the best part of the event were the cocktails. Delicious cocktails at N500 only? Yes, please. Johnnie Walker, a primary sponsor of the event, didn’t just show up, they showed out.  The bar was A1 and the cocktails were A1 and then some.  I had a Johnnie and Apple cocktail and I must emphasize that the quality was consistent from start to finish (Yes, I had multiple). I’ve been officially inducted into the JW whisky cocktail movement.  

  • Fire performances (HIGH)

Not gonna lie, I didn’t expect some of the listed acts to show up. I’m not sure why, maybe I’m just used to disappointment. So glad I was wrong. From Falz to Dremo to Ajebutter to DRB, it was an Alte music lover’s dream. The Pretty Boy D-O and Mojo performance had me shouting “chop life crew – jaiye times two” at the top of my lungs. We also got introduced to a lot of new Abuja musical acts, I’ll definitely be streaming their music later.

  • Legwork o’ clock (HIGH)

Another high for me was the dance-off between the Lagos crew and the Abuja crew. A brief preface – Johnnie Walker flew a few socialites to Abuja, to determine ‘Who Parties Better – Lagos or Abuja’. King of legwork, Pocolee, the star of the Lagos crew challenged some Abuja dancers to a dance-off. I caught a few splits and some ridiculously great leg movements but somehow missed the winner because I went for another round of Johnnie and Apple (Don’t judge me)

  • Showers of blessings (LOW BUT ALSO A HIGH)

Allow me explain. So, you see when you hear people say ‘When Abuja rain starts, it doesn’t stop’, please believe it. Can you imagine all these highs happening under the rain? The rain took me on a rollercoaster ride from drizzling to raining, to pouring then back to drizzling. Throughout the event, I was caught between chopping the life of my head and worrying about my sneakers drenched in muddy rain water. Anyway, the high; due to the rain, the VIP became non-existent. To keep us dry, the sheltered area reserved for the VIP, was pen to everyone so we could proudly brush shoulders with all the celebs. Win or win?  

  • Work tomorrow (LOW)

While jaiye-ing times two, there was a constant bugger in my ear reminding me that there was work the next day. Who throws a super lit party on a Sunday night? In between sips of my cocktails, the thought of next-day deliverables kept poppin g up. Totally unfair.

Overall, this was definitely one of the best weekend vibes of the year. Johnnie Walker bringing some Lagos folks to the party was definitely genius. The vibe was a perfect fusion of the Lagos energy with the Abuja finesse.

Until next time, Capital Block Party

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